Text or Drive Bumper Sticker

Text or Drive Bumper Sticker

3″ x 10″ peel and stick bumper sticker.

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The biggest problem with the “Don’t text and drive” efforts, is the word AND. The word AND joins the two and makes people wonder “why not”? People have mastered the ability to text and drive, often going long stretches without looking directly at the road or any traffic dynamics. 

However, people have not mastered surviving vehicle accidents, recovering from related injuries, overcoming the grief of deaths caused or pain suffered. People have not mastered living with the guilt of damage done, the inconvenience of paying fines, the regret of losing licenses and every other negative that comes from texting and driving.

I was almost hit head-on by a texting driver and though I am tempted to HONK at every texting driver that I see now, I think the most effective and productive remedy is for drivers to get each other’s attention in a more peaceful manner. 

Text OR Drive bumper stickers are a GOOD IDEA for the same reason that we use turning signals, COMMUNICATION! 

SPEND a few dollars and SAVE some lives.

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